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Livestream with OBS guide

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

Live stream like a pro!

All you need is your smartphone and an Internet connection to get started on Facebook Live. But with OBS you can really lift your A Game.

Facebook Live via OBS gives you the opportunity to connect with your followers in real-time.

All you need is your smartphone and an Internet connection to get started.

How Do You Get Started With Livestreaming?

You can run a Facebook (or Instagram or YouTube) live through your phone. Quick and easy to set up, but you’re relying on your phone’s camera for sight and sound action. Here’s how:

1. Facebook Live On Your Smartphone

It’s as simple as 5 taps. Tap your way to livestreaming success:

Tap What’s on your mind? at the top of your News Feed (or Write something… at the top of your business or brand page)Tap Live Video

Write an optional description for your broadcastTap Go Live to begin your broadcastTap Finish when you want to end your broadcast

You could run Facebook Live from your desktop using BeLive or other similar software.

2. Facebook Live On Your Desktop

It’s as simple as 4 clicks. But you will need a webcam. Luckily most laptops have them built in.

Click What’s on your mind? at the top of your News Feed (or Write Something… at the top of your business or brand page)Click Live Video. For business or brand pages, make sure you are posting as your business or brand page, not your personal page – otherwise you won’t see Start a Live Video

Click Next once you have written an interesting descriptionClick Go Live once you are happy with the preview.

But the best way of all, to run Facebook Live, in our opinion is using OBS open source software that allows you to livestream for free.

3. Facebook Live Via OBS

It’s not simple, but you can do a lot more with Facebook Live if you stream through Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) which is free. Streaming Facebook Live via OBS only works for pages from your desktop.


OBS Means…

Multiple cameras

– The trouble with streaming straight from your mobile or desktop is that it’s just one angle, one image. It’s more impressive if the stream cuts from one angle to another. You can easily do this using OBS.

– You can display any window you have open, so you can show your audience pages from your website, or blog. You can even step them through how to order something from your online store.

– You can play a pre-recorded video mid-stream.Multiple microphones and sounds

– Always use an external microphone if you have one available. USB microphones are cheap and easy to use! With OBS you can use more than one microphone. Great when more than one person is talking or for musical performances.

– You can play music in the background as you speak, but we don’t really recommend this.More control

– You can add screen filters or correct the colour of the picture

– And you can turn the audio down (or up!) controlling volumeHow To Run Live Video Using Facebook and OBSDownload OBSClick Publishing Tools at the top of your business or brand pageClick Video Library on the left side of your screen under Videos

Click +Live on the top right beside +Upload

Copy the Stream Key from the pop-up window and click Next

Now open up OBS and click Settings at the bottom rightSelect Stream, then in Service select Facebook LivePaste your Stream Key from the Facebook pop-up window into the Stream Key box in OBS

Click Okay.Set your stream up on OBS – add your scenes, sources, etc.

– A scene is a group of sources

– A source is an input (camera, microphone, screen capture)Click Start Streaming

Return to your Facebook Live window and you should see and hear a preview of what your OBS is broadcasting. Don’t worry, you can still fix your hair – you’re not live yet!Once you’re satisfied with everything, click Go Live

Have you tried Facebook Live via OBS?

Download OBS for free today:


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